What is gbdtDSLR?

gbdtDSLR is a plug-in (small program) that is used by CCDSoft to control and acquire images from Canon DSLR cameras.

How does it differ from programs like Images Plus and DSLR Focus?

They are complete, stand alone programs that perform image acquisition and image processing.

gbdtDSLR only performs the camera control and image acquisition functions - image processing, guiding etc. are provided by CCDSoft.

So, why would I want to use CCDSoft?

CCDSoft has been used by serious astrophotographers for many years. Apart from being a great image acquisition, autoguiding, and processing program in its own right, it is also part of an ecosystem of third party add-ons that give it many powerful capabilities:

  • Fast, high quality manual and automatic focusing using the in-built @Focus and @Focus2 algorithms, as well as the excellent FocusMax

    FocusMax does a great job of optimizing focus with only a small number of exposures, saving wear and tear on the camera shutter and mirror!

  • Automation using Software Bisque's Orchestrate, CCDAutoPilot, CCD Commander, or roll you own using any Windows scripting language

  • And many others (such at automatic dithering). See the list at Software Bisque

What cameras are supported?

It is our intention to support all Canon DSLR cameras as they become available to our users. The plug-in currently supports the following cameras:

  • 5D
  • 5D Mark II
  • 7D,
  • 10D (*)
  • 20D / 20Da
  • 30D
  • 40D
  • 50D
  • 300D / Rebel (*)
  • 350D / Rebel XT
  • 400D / Rebel XTi
  • 450D / Rebel XSi
  • 500D / Rebel T1i

(*) Limited support.

Support for newer cameras can be typically be added within a few days - please contact the author if you need support for a camera that is not in the above list.

Can I get more information?

The best place to start is to read the manual. Download it here.

Can I try the plug-in before I buy?

Sure! Download and install the plug-in. When the plug-in requests your license key press the 'Cancel' button. Note that exposures will be limited to 5 seconds until you enter a valid license key.

How do I buy a license for the plug-in?

Purchase a license to use the plug-in here.

The license key will be requested when the plug-in is run - see the manual for full installation instructions.